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Raising the issue of CIA prisons

On the occasion of US President Obama’s visit to Poland, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights called on Prime Minister Tusk to raise the issue of the alleged CIA prisons in Poland.It is alleged that, in these prisons, terror suspects were illegally detained, interrogated and tortured. To date, the case has not been clarified and yet, according to the HFHR, constitutes one of the major themes of Polish-US relations. Last year, alleged detainee Abu Zubaydah was awarded victim status by the Polish prosecutors in charge of the case.

“Poland’s government expressed its willingness to promote human rights during the upcoming Polish Presidency of the European Union. However, until Poland resolves this difficult case, the credibility of such a policy may be questioned,” says Dr. Adam Bodnar, Secretary of the Board of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

In an interview with The Guardian (8 April 2011), Prime Minister Tusk said, “If we want to protect people against dictators or repression or torture, don’t you need that rule to be universal so as to not end up with a situation where we do so only when it is comfortable, profitable and safe?”

The day after the end of President Obama’s visit, his Polish counterpart Bronisław Komorowski declared that, in this case, a thorough investigation is needed instead of talks about the loyalty of an ally.

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