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Support publication of “I know and I will tell” – guidebook for journalists and whistleblowers

At the website polakpotrafi.pl, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has launched the collection of funds for the publication of “I know and I will tell”, a guidebook for journalists and whistleblowers, or persons who reveal wrongdoings and abuses in their environment such as a workplace or an office.

The guidebook will explain what guarantees and standards may be relied on by people who decide to oppose and speak openly about abuses”, says Dorota Głowacka, a lawyer working with the HFHR. “Quite often, information received from whistleblowers leads to disclosure and faster resolution of growing problems whose consequences may be experienced by all of us – employees, consumers, clients or residents”, adds Ms Głowacka.

In a resolution from 2010, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognised that the protection of whistleblowers “strengthens accountability and bolsters the fight against corruption and mismanagement, both in the public and private sectors”.

HFHR lawyers are working on a guidebook for whistleblowers. The publication will make such persons aware of their rights and duties and will offer guidance on what they should do to protect themselves against any negative consequences of their actions. The other guidebook’s target audience are journalists who will obtain information on how to protect themselves and their sources of information.

“The amount that we seek to collect, 15,000 zloty, will enable us to develop its substantive content, and pay for its editing, typesetting, page makeup and graphic design, as well as cover the costs of printing and distribution of the guidebook’s 500 copies”, adds Ms Głowacka.

Once published, the guidebook will be distributed among journalists of national and local media and published online. As every other publications of the HFHR, the guidebook will be accessible at no cost.

To support the publication of “I know and I will tell”, go to polakpotrafi.pl. Each contributor who pays more than 7 zloty will receive a prize.

We are looking forward to have you on board with the project. Support the publication of the guidebook now!

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