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HFHR intervenes in cases of Police violence

In recent days, the HFHR has intervened responding to alleged police misconduct in Łódź and Wrocław. In Łódź, police officers allegedly beat an arrestee, while in Wrocław Igor S., who was also in police custody, had died after officers used an electric stunning device against him.

The HFHR expressed concerns about the fact that members of the public may be subjected to brutal practices on the part of police officers.

“Excessive use of violence by the police is among the most serious human rights abuses”, said Piotr Kubaszewski, lawyer of the HFHR. “When using the direct coercive measures police officers must always respect the principle of proportionality”, adds Mr Kubaszewski.

The HFHR indicates that when state officials arrest a person, they become responsible for the life and health of the given individual. If such a person dies in police custody, the State is obliged to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

It is worth mentioning that already in 2013, while developing the Coercive Measures and Firearms Act, the HFHR voiced its concerns on the wide spectrum of situations in which officers are authorised to use electric stunning devices. “In our opinion, such devices should be authorised in a smaller number of situations”, notes Dr Piotr Kładoczny, Secretary of the HFHR’s Board (to find out more about this matter, follow this  link).

The HFHR will monitor the further course of the proceedings in these cases.

The letter to the Regional Prosecutor in Legnica may be read here.

The letter to the Provincial Police Commissioner in Wrocław may be read  here.

The letter to the Provincial Police Commissioner in Łódź may be read  here.

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